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Reviews for "The BLAMinator"


Thats pretty badass, im learning to actionscript and im gonna make a number 2! awesome game! u should make the burger guys .Swf Files... just because the game is called the BLAMinator, but anyways... cool game!

Very cool

This game is very realistic. It's great fun for DOOM and Duke Nukem fans. The animation and sounds are superb; it feels as if you're right there, in the battlefield. As well, the gameplay works very well. And playing the game on that impossible setting is pretty much impossible. Nice work!

kirkflip responds:

right you are, siz!

Turned out good Kirky

Great job bud. The changes paid off....nice fog.........lol

Im glad you added the difficulty selector, us retards have to be able to slow things down a bit. HEH
Awesome job, add some more levels if you have it in ya and you got a 10 easy.


Not a "10" game... to have a 10 I'd have to see some levels, no? Otherwise most excellent. We love you Kirky!!!!11!!!1!!!

totally kick ass

totally great