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Reviews for "Super Big Gun Adventure"

I liked it! It was a decently-built game with a fairly unique concept. The only problem I have with it is it's length (teehee), along with it's complexity. The levels seemed a bit repetitive, and were pretty basic. That aside, I enjoyed it! (also, I liked the effect on the main menu)

Awesome game, buddy. The physics of flying around was pretty funny too.

To answer Jesse955, the reason theirs do more damage is because they have no control. They blow their load in one shot whereas you can spray your bullets for ages. Plus, it means you can have more fun and less pregnancy to deal with.

How come tiny little babby men bullets keel me in one hit, whereas giant black lazer-o-puke takes forever to kil just one guy. anyway, i had fun.

Reminds Me Of Minecraft.

This is quite a good game, I enjoyed playing it