Reviews for "Star Pirate : Inception"

great game. i agreed with nightshade. also should be able to keep your weapon upgrades after you pass the level

i like it i would play it as much as i can

Good game but you need to work on it. AI loves to crash into rocks and missiles dont need to hit you to cause damage. A bar how much hitpoints you have would be nice.

The steering system is really hard to get used to which makes it really hard to aim, and the pick up are way too small, making them very easy to miss. Other than that its a good game.

It's not a bad game but I just don't want to play it...

Not entirely sure why but this game lacks appeal. It looks great, runs great and has good sounds.

I think it's because it's missing upgrades and I didn't understand what half the pickups did(yes I read the iniation thing). Sometimes I'd shoot double shot after I'd blow up a ship. First time I got double shot I was excited and had motivation to not die but then I began the next level and it went away and I shortly realized it would go away after a specified time. How long do I have double shot for? It would be cool if you had something come on screen saying "Double shot acquired for next 30seconds" and having an icon appear somewhere on the display that maybe flashes repeatedly for 5 seconds as its going away instead of having me in bewilderment of when is it going to go away.

What the point of collecting salvage? Why do I want or need points? I recall growing up a lot of games kept track of scores but I could never figure out why, it was useless unless it meant extra lives and other bonuses.

Game wasn't bad but it had little replay value.