Reviews for "Star Pirate : Inception"

it is a great game and i love the combat i feel keeping your upgrades would make the game to easy and not challenging enough and destroys the point of looking for upgrades

Great atmosphere, and the controls are fluid. Great animations. Well done guys.
Beautiful to watch the space :)

game 5 stars ....good final uhuuuuuu

Really neat game, smooth graphics, nice (if repetitive) music, and good gameplay.

I'd mix up the gameplay a bit so its not all 'hammer spacebar' and whatnot. I'd also add more variety in music and enemies.

Its a good game

controls are so lovely to maneuver and the challenge of being unable to turn while shooting is great,although i would like to wish for more enemy fighters and for them to have some smarter AI as most of them just crash on asteroids

I got the elite ship too but the only good side of it was its improved rapid fire