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Reviews for "Venom vs Shin Lvl2 Akuma"

where is the round 2?

While the animation itself was not fantastic, the animation is not what I have a problem with. Akuma beating Venom. HAHA, riiight...

Im giving you half a star but if it had been longer I'd score it higher. But if Venom loses to Akuma, I am sorry sir but there is no possible way for me to give 5 stars.

Wow, Hi R1665, small world...

I see that you're new on the sprite scene, so I'll be gentle.

First of all, "slow and short" is not a path to success in the sprite world. There was only a twenty-five second span between "fight" and "boring-and-overused-as-fuck guy wins". Of those twenty-five seconds, about eight of them were used up in powerup and slow-motion sequences. That gives you about seventeen seconds of actual combat by my count, 75% of which went to Akuma. Of those seventeen seconds, I'm pretty sure it would only be around 12-13 seconds without the browser slowdown that comes from not having your background music streamed.

...and that brings us to the subjective portion of the review.

Akuma sucks, pure and simple. There is little to nothing that can be done with him that hasn't already been done long ago, many times, and much better. I can't even call you on using some stale choreography with Akuma because, at this point, stale choreography is all anyone can do with him. You had a decent choice in Venom, but decided that his only real role should be to serve as the punching bag for the boring guy.

I give you a 2.5 review for effort and a 3 vote for having the patience to even create something like this in the first place. However, you still have a long way to go.


One star for you becuase most of this is obviously from mugen. You even said it yourself. This is something that might belong on youtube, but not here.

this is soo cool