Reviews for "Dr Whooves & Assistant 2"

Wow, this is good enough to make me almost want to hit the breaks on my car if I saw you crossing the road for that damn cupcakes thing.

I never thought I'd like a bronies toon, but add Dr. Who, and I'm sold. Good work!

A very good animation, voice actor of Doctor should work on his pronunciation or buy a better microphone. Maybe a little music will make this work more atmospheric and fascinating. Voting 5 stars because I love the idea =)

Very good. Nice animation and content. My only reccomendation is to tune your audio. Quite a few clips!

yay! i loved it :P
mayb you shoul have reanimated the nigthmare moon scene though. it seemed kind of odd being the real thing rigth in the middle of you animation. Super voice acting btw!

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

In hindsight, I should have had David put a high quality clip in post production. I don't think I'll add anymore show clips.