Reviews for "Dr Whooves & Assistant 2"

very nice flash, but you really need to work on normalizing the audio.
those occasional earshattering moments were very unsettling

I started and finished watching "My Little Pony" seasons 1 and 2 two months ago, and it was surprisingly addicting. So is this.

-1 star for the completely obvious change in quality in the original clip's playback.

This animation make my day and your series make my years.
Great jobs, I can wait to see the next.

Just because you put a refrence to Edd Gould I am rating this.

This obviously took some time and work to do, so congrats on just about everything inside this great flash movie. I really enjoyed watching it. And no, I'm not a brony. I'm just excited to see some talent on newgrounds, other than sexual lobster.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

He is rather talented, isn't he?