Reviews for "Dr Whooves & Assistant 2"

Odd but funny but only somewhat reminiscent of the original Dr.Who series.

Very cute. I loved it! :)

WOOOO-WHO! Beautifoal! Wonderfilly done! I've only been a pegasister/brony a few months, pretty much since watching the 1st anim Dr Whooves (didn't get right into the actual show). The merely illustrated ones on Youtube were hard for me to follow, so I'm delighted to see this, & the possibility of a series! The Y/N bits at the end are a great touch, & I LUV Fluttershy's <sh-wing>! =~_^= Great vid!
Lastly, my condolences on the loss. =u.u=
-Cat =^_^=

Very good...

im sory i dont know anything about this but it was cute