Reviews for "EnV - 5000 Strong"

Great as always :D

Neighbors got so pissed when i played this at max volume,great work sir!

Yow Envy! Nice to have you back. Listened to your tracks many years ago and made quite a few myself in the meantime as well. Would mean the world to me if you saw this comment and checked it out. It is the top listed audio submission on my profile at the moment.

I can't help but notice some slight clipping / distortion in your track, am I right?
It's like it's exported above 0DB causing the slightly distorted sound.
Exporting it a couple of DB lower would definitely do the trick.

Or perhaps you did it on purpose for Newgrounds?


You're back!

Somehow you just keep amazing me with the songs you come up with. They're all perfect. I liked the intro on this one and it just got better from there. Keep up the good work.