Reviews for "EnV - 5000 Strong"

is great for everybody.is enjoyable for everybody.in one word,amazing.

I ate my own head. How am I commenting now??? if I ate my head??

If This Thing isn't Great Enough for Rating Of 5 Stars, I'm Sure that Nothing Else is.

In Any Action Game - Purfect!

In Any Awsome Combat Animation - Puuurrrrffeect!

In Anything That is Action Packed - (Guess What?)

"OoKay... A Limousine that can fly... Now I have seen everything."
"Really? Have You Seen a Man Eat His own Head?"

Now i can say - This music is Purrfect for anything involving action.

Envy - Never Think About Staphing that ! You Are Great !

"Really? Have you seen a man eat his own head?"

This is the best, really liked the synth

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