Reviews for "The Eidolon"

soo just good i loved it

The story is simple but the way you directed was... amazing.
I really liked the ending. They hold hands and will be together from now on.

Sorry if my english looks like shit. I'm from Brazil and AM reeeealy rusty.

How the fuck did the ship get here..????

Going onto a creepy spaceship, diving into a black hole, all in the name of finding your lost partner.
I thought the music was perfectly timed, and the story is really great.

Great! Great musics, sounds, animations, cuts (I was really fooled, just for a split second). The last scene is surely the best one as for the artistic choices: plain and simple in all and for all, just like the illusions and the false hopes of a lone man's tainted conscience. (Hope what I wrote makes sense...) Piece of art.