Reviews for "The Eidolon"

Really good. The design work is great. The sound design really stood out for me. And I liked how you used colour for the different environments. Overall a really good short. I look forward to your next animation.

That may be the worst way to get over your past.
Very interesting story, and definitely not something you want to watch alone
in the dark.

hmmm i count 38 reviews that are not 5/5 i don't understand why there not 5 but thats just me i loved this and I'm hoping for more please don't make us wait till a new one tell us if you are or aren't

I would say breathtaking... I could absolutely see this being made into a movie. I love how incredibly moving this is. I apologize for not writing a "legitimate" review, but this is honestly all I can really say about it.,

I loved it, the ending is excellent.