Reviews for "The Eidolon"

great movie! totally smooth animation. and a real drama, the end is so harsh and unexpected.
loved the comic style too.

This is an inspirational piece for the ages. A well developing story that unfolds expressing emotions that don't even need to be said. It is not easy to create such a story, but you have more than exceeded those boundaries. If this doesn't get 5 stars for creativity, suspense, mystery, originality, etc. etc., I don't know any other animation that should.

What people don't seem to understand... is that a story like this doesn't NEED to explain every detail... it's made to let the viewer assume. To fantasize. There's no real, or direct, ending possibility, or point. Anything you make of this is your own.


In my head, they were at the brink of a breakthrough in finding out how to use Wormholes in travel. When the computer tried to warn them that the path they were taking would end up badly, his wife (my assumption) tried to take them off the path. The husband, seemingly a bit controlling, but less adept with the technology, took offense to her changing the path, and struck her dumbfounded. However, when their immediate destruction was at hand, he panicked. The wife, seeing his stubborn problem, attempted to reroute the technology for the wormhole jump, and sent her husband to the pod in case of an emergency. When she realized all hope was lost, she made a mad dash for the pod, narrowly missing it by seconds. The man is torn that his wife, and their years of work, both being his entire purpose in life, flashed away in front of his very eyes. Three years later, the man has made enough money from the now successful technology that they had developed, now that he could finish it from what he remembered. He finds himself drinking in a bar one day, stewing over the extremely small measure that they had missed, and that cause his wife's death. So, he decides to go home on a different route, one that would allow him to think longer and perhaps sleep. When suddenly, the familiar signal from his former ship rang through his newest red ship. The man can't believe his eyes. He can hardly contain his surprise. When he boards the ship, he does not expect at all to find his wife alive, after noting a strange, flesh-like parasite clinging to the abandoned walls of the ship. So he continues, noting a light as he goes. When he finally sees the light's shape, he is blown away: it was her! His wife had lived after all!... Or had she? When the goopy parasite had attached to his hand, he swung it away and kept going. He finally reached her, only to push his hand through her... Like a hologram. He chased fervently, hoping for another glimpse of even the former shadow of her beauty, when it happened... The parasite attacked. It grabbed him with so much force that he fell to the ground, and he passed out, with little oxygen left. Before he could truly die, however, his wife did what she had done to herself. The hologram of his wife was actually an embodiment of her mind, a CPU device that held her thoughtd, dreams, and emotions. When the man was dreaming, his body was dying, but the dream was real, figuratively. She had been sifting the information from his mind, into the ship's mainframe, as she had when the foreign parasite had attached to the ship after she came out in unknown space. Her CPU mainframe had spent the last three years searching for her beloved husband. And now that the two were together, forever, lost in the confines of their previously lost research, his physical embodiment became no more, and his CPU self had reunited with his wife. With their bodies dead, but their minds alive, and the ship out of fuel... they would float in their serenity, in love. Forever.

I love this animation. Take it any way you will, but this is just how I saw it... And I just want you to know... information doesn't always make the animation. The animator does. With their heart.

Awesome...... I'm a space lover too. I love stuffs such as black hole, parallel universe... Will there be a second part ?

This film was truely an original piece of work. Everything from the storytelling to the music. I liked how the ending was kind of... left open. Although many people seem to find the ending confusing, I found it very clear. Maybe I just THOUGHT I knew what happened, but to me the story makes sense.
I really like the vibe of the film. It's hard to explain. Something like Inception or 2001: a Space
Odyssey. And I really liked the music at the end. With the calm, melancholic piano and the spacy siren in the background.
No complaints, just pure awesomeness!