Reviews for "The Eidolon"

ummmm....why did he have to die???

Very good, I loved the style, simple yet effective, my only query is, did the wormhole (I'm assuming it was a wormhole) turn the woman into that strange growth aboard the ship? It reminds me a little of gravemind from the Halo series.

Or is she just dead, and the growth is making him hallucinate in order to catch him (which wouldn't explain how the growth is able to apparently pilot the ship)

Anyways despite not understanding all of it, very nice story, well made.

Incredible, was looking at this and wondering if it was worth watching, im glad it was 5/5 for everything though the animation suited it, was trying to work out where their noses went lol

Auto fave, loved the noses. theres always something great on NG. Some times you just have to take the past's hand. Great some what happy ending, the art style was simple but really nice.

makes me sad, but happy. awesome music and animation. theres a twist at the end