Reviews for "The Eidolon"

Very well done. ;_; What's an eidolon?

That was very touching, at least he died happy in his own mind anyways.

This was absolutely amazing. The animation was good, the music was good, and i the only thing i can find even slightly negative about this is that the ship scene where he finds the girl's ghost wasn't very explained, but none the less still awesome. I hope you keep up with making animations, because i loved this.

Everything was perfect. The story, the animation, the music.
This is how I see it. At the beginning, both of them are contemplating the black hole but then she suddenly changes the course toward it (suicide?). She realizes they both are gona die and tries to save the ship, but only the guy escapes. The rest of the story happens in the guy's mind, and he eventually commits "suicide" as well.

Man, Newgrounds is changing. Or, maybe the internet is. There seems to be a lot more variety in the type of movies that get made here lately, quite a few serious, thought-provoking flashes that I've seen in the last year. I think the technology is getting better, and it's letting people do more--so more people are willing to make something that actually means something to them. Or I could be way off. Who's your inspiration by the way, art-wise? It looks very familiar for some reason (and good). It's a beautiful and ambiguous story.