Reviews for "The Eidolon"

That was extremely well done. Very engaging and touching as well as being very well drawn and animated, this short film made sure to impress. One thing that really left a mark was the amazingly well done audio design, with which you did a very good job. It seems to me that a lot people neglect audio design in favor of visual design, without realizing the incredible power and difference good audio design makes, and as such I was very delighted to hear such altogether wonderfully composed audio, music and SFX alike.

The story does what it sets out to do and provides a very touching and interesting experience. The art style is beautiful and helps portray a form of emotional connection to the characters, short lived as they may be. All in all you did a very good job, especially in the audio department. Keep up the good work!

Awsome, no words just music and emotion, very good

Your art style is like nothing I have seen before.

he felt guilty and died in the ship. but he found her or her ghost, i do not know.

A touching piece accompanied with a meaningful storyline and amazing graphics, a traumatized man regains hope and really does reconnect with someone he lost a while ago. A life lesson in which you learn about the true meaning of hope,faith, and dedication which is an amazing example for people in today's world. Mr. Marblo,an expert movie maker I must say is a pure genius and knows what real expression is about, one word- bravo. Bravo Mr. Marblo, bravo.