Reviews for "The Eidolon"

Beautiful work. The music, art style, and minimalist sci-fi/horror story - it all worked out so beautifully. I have a feeling that the Black Hole was a portal to Heaven. And light form meant you were an angel. something like that. I loved this and I hope you make more short dramas like these!

Great work man. Interesting story, nice character designs, the animation was quite reserved but suited the mood of the piece and looked great. And I really like the use of lighting. Awesome stuff bro.

This is an inspirational piece for the ages. A well developing story that unfolds expressing emotions that don't even need to be said. It is not easy to create such a story, but you have more than exceeded those boundaries. If this doesn't get 5 stars for creativity, suspense, mystery, originality, etc. etc., I don't know any other animation that should.

I love EVERYTHING about this.

Beautiful, only it!