Reviews for "The Eidolon"

makes me sad, but happy. awesome music and animation. theres a twist at the end

Everything was perfect. The story, the animation, the music.
This is how I see it. At the beginning, both of them are contemplating the black hole but then she suddenly changes the course toward it (suicide?). She realizes they both are gona die and tries to save the ship, but only the guy escapes. The rest of the story happens in the guy's mind, and he eventually commits "suicide" as well.

that was pretty good, i liked the story, although it got weird when he boarded the ship. nice animation, music, although the lack of voices was interesting.
i liked it

I loved it, the ending is excellent.

This flash was really well made. I loved the fact that you made it just like a love story. Even though there was no voice acting you felt like you knew exactly what they were thinking and "saying" I look forward to more of your flashes

Sincerely yours