Reviews for "The Eidolon"

fantastic, but if i hadnt already seen event horizon, i'd have really liked this.

@Matrix-Luigi - You mean Event Horizon?

I saw a movie with the actor from jurasic park its old and its alot like this

I really liked it a lot allthough I feel the final shot was unnessecary. Leaving the ending open to opinion would have been awesome.

Man, Newgrounds is changing. Or, maybe the internet is. There seems to be a lot more variety in the type of movies that get made here lately, quite a few serious, thought-provoking flashes that I've seen in the last year. I think the technology is getting better, and it's letting people do more--so more people are willing to make something that actually means something to them. Or I could be way off. Who's your inspiration by the way, art-wise? It looks very familiar for some reason (and good). It's a beautiful and ambiguous story.