Reviews for "The Eidolon"


this is the kind of thing i come to newgrounds for

When he enters the ship it kinda reminds me of the first 'Dead Space' game.

i loved everything about it

I loved the story, the art style I enjoyed, and the music just fit in. Everything about it worked out great.

This film was truely an original piece of work. Everything from the storytelling to the music. I liked how the ending was kind of... left open. Although many people seem to find the ending confusing, I found it very clear. Maybe I just THOUGHT I knew what happened, but to me the story makes sense.
I really like the vibe of the film. It's hard to explain. Something like Inception or 2001: a Space
Odyssey. And I really liked the music at the end. With the calm, melancholic piano and the spacy siren in the background.
No complaints, just pure awesomeness!