Reviews for "The Eidolon"

Nice film - Well animated. Nice art stye - Very Pop-arty. It's nice to see such symplistic shapes used in an effective sci-fi setting (such as the character designs and space shuttles).
Sound was very good. The little snippets of vocals was just the right amount to break the silence but not to break the mood.

Loved the lighting you used in places and the little bit of 3d you put in their was great - how did you do that?

Nice blog by the way.

Why did you not give credit to the source you obviously stole this story idea from which was Gateway by Frederick Pohl.

Also, I disliked the art style you used for people's faces. Their noses being hideous black marks was distracting, disgusting, detracting, and ultimately detrimental.

But that's besides the point. You lifted a big part of a classic novel and completely attempted to pass it off as your own. I'll be contacting SVA about this.

Dead Space? Anyone?

you got 5 stars for the ship he flew after the bar seen. the Hart of Gold. infinite improbability drive? anyone? hitchhikers guide to the galaxy style all right. well all round good bit kind of sad but in the end he found peace. now to the restaurant at the end of the universe. oh and so long and thanks for all of the fish.lol

The style reminds me a lot of Adventure Time, and I enjoyed it. I can't really think of any criticism, the story was neat.