Reviews for "The Eidolon"

I love EVERYTHING about this.

Interesting and thought provoking. Each person is allowed a unique look into the characters expression and emotion through simple facial features. We even had some suspense at the end with our protagonist who ran out of oxygen. I only have a few knit-picks about this animation, what was happening? how is this happening? Is he hallucinating? Is he dead or eternal? Many empty answers make this animation a little hollow, but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless.
Thanks Wolfenheim!

Awesome. simple design, but the story got me. great story even w/out the any dialogue.

Auto fave, loved the noses. theres always something great on NG. Some times you just have to take the past's hand. Great some what happy ending, the art style was simple but really nice.

sweet and kinda wired but awesome! u did great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!