Reviews for "Little Alice Escapes"

Wow! That was so much more than I was expecting.
The puzzles were a refreshing change from the usual gamezhero games which you can play blindfolded.
I think it belongs to the Adventure category, not Fighting.
And, i think you could include a "Warning - do not try this at home" message and a little scene where the girl gets run over by a vehicle offscreen in the end, so that kids don't try it out.

Easy and very good game plus I get all medals.

Wooo Fun game But secret Achivement a bit hard for me

Done could have been longer as it was really easy but i was fun and well done only found one glitch that when ever you fill the bathtub i couldn't leave the room until i put the life saver in the water and got the items she just kept climbing and standing on the water and wouldn't grab the items or anything but it was minor and had no negative effect on the game go good job.

i got all the achievments and no medals y?!