Reviews for "Little Alice Escapes"

i got all the achievments and no medals y?!

Would be nice to have a little instruction... I got to the point of trying to get out the garage or the car, something. And I have no idea whether the mini-game is glitching, I'm doing it wrong, or how to do it right. Fix it up a bit and change the section it's in (fighting and brawler, it clearly seems from what I could play an adventure point and click?) and it should be a pretty good little game.

It's your average puzzle game. Achievements aren't working for me.

its okay not that good

Wow! That was so much more than I was expecting.
The puzzles were a refreshing change from the usual gamezhero games which you can play blindfolded.
I think it belongs to the Adventure category, not Fighting.
And, i think you could include a "Warning - do not try this at home" message and a little scene where the girl gets run over by a vehicle offscreen in the end, so that kids don't try it out.