Reviews for "Little Alice Escapes"

This didn't do much for me. I guess it was mostly becaue it just seemed a bit too cutesy. With all the stuff floating around here, you should have agame that appeals to a wider group of people. At least the graphic are pretty well done. I do like the nice colors. The music is also petty decent and rather pleasant.

I guess it doesn't help that I'm not a fan of point and click adventure games. I guess the rabbit in this was supposed to be a joke on the fact that her name was Alice. It was great for you to include the walkthrough, even if it is taking a bit too long to load. Just try to make a more interesting game next time, huh? It's harmless for what it is.

This was an okay point and click game. Took a little time to figure out what to do. The medals work, and I earned them all.

Easy and very good game plus I get all medals.

A pretty decent Point 'N Click game, and even though it's short it can't be accused of being "too easy." I'd say that most of the actions are fairly logical, but sometimes trying to figure out what an item actually is and what it's for isn't so obvious. What I mistook for a spray bottle of weed killer ended up being a degreasing agent, and a baseball would have made more sense (logically) than a piece of fruit considering what you do with it.

Strange little quirks like that aside, the graphics were very nicely done and the music was cute, if not a little repetitive after a while. The puzzles were interesting, and were probably the most challenging part of the game itself, and while they wouldn't fit in a realistic setting, they work well in the imaginative setting of the game world.

Finally, I'm going to talk about medals. Stuntman (below) says he's sick of people bitching about medals. What a lovely sentiment. His bitching about other reviewers bitching is hypocritical and childish. That aside, on my first playthough the medals did not work. At all. I reloaded the page after I completed the game and...no medals. So I played again, and - lo and behold - the medals worked. So there's something weird with the medals, but in the end I was able to earn them by playing a second time, and it wasn't exactly unpleasant seeing how much faster I could get to the end.

Anyway, congrats on making a fun little game that also had some impressively challenging aspects to it. Since it's just a game, I won't comment on how inappropriate it is that you're actually helping a little girl run away from home. ;) Oh, and you might want to change the mislabeling of "Action - Fighting - Brawler" for the game style if at all possible to avoid possibly misleading other players accidentally.

Nice, solid click-and-play adventure! I think the one thing that might improve gameplay is doing something slightly different with the way items are combined. At least an explanation at the beginning that when items can combine, they will do so automatically, perhaps?