Reviews for "Sift Heads Assault"

kinda lag

It was ok but I wish there was more to it .

great idea, but its some what un-reactive for me

This is an epic game, but you should at least put some different maps Vinnie moves to. Also, you should put some more weapons. You still get five stars, but I was just giving advise. I love how you put different people that come out after you play on survival round for so long. I would also love to see more realistic objects. For example, people could just hide behind a car and do nothing, and yet, they would still get money. The cover should break/be set on fire/explode.

For those who need help to get things, here are some cheat codes:

90315- Invisibility
80373- +10,000 dollars
11075- Run faster
11348- Jump higher
105361- Harder Enemies (for people who need a challenge)
101868- Slide more objects

this is an incredible game!!