Reviews for "Sift Heads Assault"

@kickasjake your right, but you left out how the enemies will sometime be behind your or their cover and you wont be able to see them, there was 3 people standing behind their car, not taking cover just standing there shooting and it killed me, i only saw them because i jumped but it was to late to do anything about it


Its a pretty good game but if you use cheats it gets boring after a while!

Controls are so stiff and annoying. Taking cover slows you down when you are trying to run someone down, even if it doesn't running and shooting doesn't seem to work very well. Enemies can fire from cover but you can't so why even put cover in the game. You should have just put in health packs instead of this horrible cover mechanic. Your character also has a tendency to run farther than you want him too. So 2 out off five because these controls are horrible.

it's a great concept, but it lacked something. maybe a storyline (or maybe I didn't play it enough).
also, the movement and overall design (in-game, the menus were great) were not so good.
still, fun game and good concept.