Reviews for "Sift Heads Assault"

I love this game you get 5 * from me.

Decent idea but horrible execution. Especially with the controls. Vinnie seems to just want to run by himself even when I'm pushing the opposite button. I don't know if its just me, but the game seems to respond too slow to my commands and won't stop responding.

skrillx its treres a shift butun so the names taken sift SIFT GO TO GAMESFREE.CA PLAY A SIFTHEAD GAME AND ITS SEZ SIFT so cool it #CHEATZ# 80373 {meenz} + 10000 Cash . 11348 {meenz} low gravity . 105361 {meenz} tougher enemies

naum é muito ruim mais tinha que melhorar o jogo
se melhorasse dava 5 estrelas â~»

Boring. the controls are annoying. having to be out of cover to shoot someone is really annoying
Nothing could save this game form being so bad. It's shame to call this game sift heads.