Reviews for "Domyeah - ToE 3"

It's okay. I like some of the melodies, but some of it is a bit iffy as well. It's not the best. Though I like this because I can hear what sounds like one of my synths (Renegade). I'm not sure if you use it or not, but I just hear it.

Not good, but not bad also! :)

Actually it is a good song...

Not good.
Bad melody.
Bad samples.
Bad song.

Seriously who like this.
(not trying to be a jerk here but im telling you my opinion.)

Domyeah responds:

Salt XD

I really do not like the song, when I can hear the extremely basic presets that you can get easily in FL Studio.

Could be better, I like the idea, but I think you should let him make the third part of ToE.

2/5 I like melody. Really reminds me of ToE

Domyeah responds:

Bro this song was made a long time ago and I honestly agree with every word you said to be honest :)))