Reviews for "Domyeah - ToE 3"

When DJN releases the real one, rename it

y el siguiente es electrodinamix 2

I've listened to this song multiple times, and I just can't find anything wrong with this song. First off, this really fits the mysterious theme of the original two songs, if not better. The melody is great, and it's repetitive enough to where it's not just random notes composed together, and it's not too repetitive to where it gets too annoying to listen to. Good length for a song of this style as well, listening to this song is a great time passer for me. Overall, this is a magnificent song, with a pleasant melody and a very well emulated mysterious theme. 5/5 stars

10/10 (5/5 STARS!?)

I actually like it, but i can't wait for DJ-Nate's realise

Domyeah responds:

Yeah me too! Actually I may have to take this one down because of this though