Reviews for "Domyeah - ToE 3"

Perfect fall id

This sounds so much better great job dude keep up the good work

Beginning is very cool

Seems everyone else likes it, and i had high hopes, but it just let me down, the melody is one of the catchiest things ever, and i love it, every pattern you used was superb, but musician to musician, it wasnt brilliant. The lead, i can understand prehaps you were going for a style, but it just sounds like an old yamaha keyboard. probably my least favourite part, was the drums, fl studio has some good legacy drums, but any of the _basic ones are pretty bad, besides the basic club hat, which is used in many house songs and sounds ok, i also noticed the lack of a sub bass which is really important, therefore makes your music feel weak without it, and also sidechain your drums, they were a bit musty and left out in my opinion, the last thing i dont like is how the main lead, which is a pretty good trance lead, seems to be fighting for dominance and isnt very clear, nor does it blend well with the yamaha sounding thing from before, overall, it has good potential, that melody and tune is world class, its like the scary monsters and nice sprites of newgrounds, but your instruments need better sound design, serum is good for this and your mixing skills are, well next to none to be honest, i reccomend fruity parimetric eq 2 for eq ing, to get rid of unwanted frequencies and bring out that hard to hear bass.

I hope this review helps you, and i know this is older, and you have moved on, but this is most likley your most popular. I dont see how people think that the official is not as good as this, but prehaps because they dont actually make music and are just GD fanboys, they dont really understand the way it was made as much, i have expressed my honest feelings about the music here, thank you for your time

(Sorry for being that one person who diddnt give high scores xD)

Have a good day, anyone who reads this :)

How is this better than the real ToE 3 song