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Reviews for "Lard Ass"

Once again you blow me away with your animation. I already said a lot of this stuff in a previous review on one of your other videos, but I'll recap... your line-work is extremely smooth, yet looks natural, it doesn't look like some line-tooled, cookie-cutter anime. The frame-by-frame is like godly smooth. The physics and such are all there, it works. Super consistent, the characters and objects don't get all deformed and turn into sloppy messes like I usually see when people use frame-by-frame. Also I like the somewhat abrubt angles you use, adds to your own style and it's very distinct and recognizable.

Though there aren't any shadows used very much in this, I didn't really feel a longing for them due to how well-done you did the visuals overall for what it was. The colors are in somewhat more of a grey-shade, but it's dynamic enough to make it work and have it's own pleasant style and look.

Again you amaze me with how unique your work is AND how well you execute it. I am just so impressed, this is past TV-quality, this is FILM quality. It's a shame to see so much other trash out there win awards and frontpages above THIS kind of work.

This animation is amzing like your others, awesome work.

P.S. Hooray for Cheech and Chong!

Your animation style are always the best.

Fucking Cheech and Chong.

did he just doing that brah LOL!!!!!!