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Reviews for "Lard Ass"

good animation, but im a bit disappointed in how many people dont know that this is from cheech an chongs up in smoke! even though it says right on the loading screen!

cmon people, its a classic!

I lol'd 4 times, between each "lol" I said "what?" to myself.

Sound quality kinda sucked. 3/5
animation was good, but the animation intensity didn't match the voices, 4/5
Voices were awesome, 5/5
Story was good, but hardly cohesive. I have to use my own imagination to fill in the blanks. 3.5/5
Characters were awesome, 5/5

Actual score: 4/5

pretty cool actually. :)

XD HAHAHAHA... Awesome... Awesome in their own Purity...

Pure awesome.