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Reviews for "Lard Ass"

Oh I missed you Shrike..

I really liked this, probably because of the animation. I think if you have funny dialogue to go with something, the rest writes itself. I never saw Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke", but it sounds like a truly hilarious movie. I don't really know why the other characters were dogs. It was great to have something so silly and nonsensical. I closely watched the lip movement the whole way through.

You are of course really good at this. I don't quite understand why you made this, but the results are great. It's also great that you manage to come up with so many new cartoons so quickly. You're like the Nitrome of flash cartoons! All the facial expressions are wonderful and took much effort.

Your animation style are always the best.

oh my god...your animation style allways shock me! i mean its sooo smooth and way beyonde epic!!!

This animation is amzing like your others, awesome work.

P.S. Hooray for Cheech and Chong!