Reviews for "Zelda CD-i: King's Bday"

No! Gwonam! He's squadala-ing to the heavens, now. XD
Seriously though, good work. Animation fits perfectly with the CD-i graphics. Good gags, too.

Samination responds:

I'm sure he's alright. lol. Glad you enjoyed it!

This was an excellent parody!
I hope you continue making more.

Did the king's moustache change colour at 2:06?

Samination responds:

I think so. :P

Classic YouTube Poop, only with customized dialog! Very nicely done, and Morshu and Ganon's lines are quite clever.

Sound effects and voices are very nicely mixed, the animations are hilarious and the gags very funny too. I loved the part of "-Surprise! -Whohoa!" XD

Samination responds:

And dont forget his huge hands! Glad you liked! :)

Fantastic animation. Good work!