Reviews for "Zelda CD-i: King's Bday"

I couldn't love this any more than I already do! Keep up the good work!

Samination responds:

Will do!


How I missed you, please don't leave NG for such a long period of time again.

On a side note, I've noticed three main things about the negative comments about this video (I read every single one, all 17 pages as of this posting):

1) The commentor was traumatized by how bad the game was when they played it (don't blame them)

2) The person is too serious and/or sophisticated and does not like this kind of humor - this of course you have no control of - and may prefer something like collegehumor.com or pointincase.com, otherwise don't complain that you don't find a style humorous.

3) They never heard of the CD-i games (I don't blame them)

Anyways, great work man, glad your back. Your animation skills are pretty great, as always.

Samination responds:

Thanks man. I've been back for a while! At least a month I think. Yeah, I get why some people don't like this video, but honestly movie probably has the least negative comments I've ever seen on both NG and Youtube. I was really unsure of how it would go over, but am thrilled with the results. :)

This is golden.

Samination responds:


This is the funniest Newgrounds video I've ever seen. Great work!