Reviews for "Zelda CD-i: King's Bday"

great animation i love it but i wonder whats for dinner OH i know SPAGHETTI

Samination responds:

LOTS OF spaghetti!

As someone who played the original Zelda... *ahem* 'games' on the cd-i, I found this 3 minute parody to be considerably more enjoyable.

... I just wonder what Ganons up to?...

Samination responds:

Oh man, it must've been brutal. I dont think I ever want to play those "games".

So funny! In the context of Newgrounds and with your editting/redubbing, suddenly the animation seems relevant. Maybe these games were just ahead of their time....?

Nah, they sucked - but this video is awesome! :)

Samination responds:

The games suck no matter what time they are in. Glad you liked my cartoony!


I am just speechless of this parody you made.
Just take my ratings!!
I laughed so hard at Ganon's line honestly, "You will die!!.. when you see what I got you!"
I would kiss you right now if I could.

Samination responds:

NOMNOMNOMNOM your ratings were delicious. :)