Reviews for "Zelda CD-i: King's Bday"

Everyone who has commented here either gets it, is an idiot living under an Internet rock and offers advice to 'improve' on the animation / colours / whatever else was shit in the original animations or is also an idiot for criticising a parody. OK, so this material can be said to be overused but come on, have you ever seen as good a work of Zelda CDi before? So many fucking stupid kids.

Samination responds:

Amen brother. Amen!

Not really that great. Hell I didnt even like it, but runka-chunk's voice didn't make me wanna vomit so 5/5. Good job with that. Hopefully a funnier flash in the future.

Nice animation

Potential Potential and even more Potential Thats what i get when i start watching this Movie submission, you can really grasp it and enjoy it for all it is, its entertaining, keeps you amused and not boring what so ever, Some fixes and improvments may come later but i have to say i was pretty taken back with this, especially the start of it. The "ANIMATION" on this was really good, and flowed very nice, the colors are alright but would have liked to see more of fresh color texture but dont get me wrong what you have here is actually pretty awsome aswell, and very entertaining, the flash was cute and amusing and did make me laugh, wouldnt mind seeing more of this nature but maybe not so big in file size, maybe you can cut it down in size next time it was a tad large i thought. but regardless i still liked it and enjoyed it and in the end it was kind of funny. With all that said you cando alot more with this i have made a few suggestions and i do hope they help to improve on this, now dont get me wrong you have something decent here and the effort shows but could still use a few more additions of stuff and so on, so go ahaead and give some new ideas a try. And hope to see some of those changes in the future or even on something new you may be working on.

And to start making things better here are some tips and ideas that could really make it better, and thats a plus for everyone so here are some ideas. Maybe not too much of a fancy idea just a bsaic idea or two that will help and maybe even inspre some new ideas for making a better production, and maybe we all can get some new experience from it all. The file size was kinda large, but i guess you had to fit all that it, but maybe somehow you could possibly cut this down in size maybe in two segments, it would allow for faster downloads for sure.

I wasn't expecting much when I canme in here, but the captured that CGI feel without making it like a youtube pooop. I comend you for this (not to mention it was pretty funny)

the king is like 8 bit theater's King Steve. if you haven't read it yet, read it.