Reviews for "Zelda CD-i: King's Bday"

you never seem to dissapiont mr ebolaworld, This was possibly the best animated parody of zeldaCD-I with out using the actual CD-I clips. thank you

Samination responds:

you welcome sir!


frying pan...... piont blank.. only weapon you need. link good luck with those balloons lol.
this was amazing and super funny. i enjoyed it

Amazing job with this. All in all, the voice acting was great, the animation golden, and the humor both original and solid.

00:23 Clothes Off
00:34 Clothes On

Samination responds:

He put the clothes back on when she was talking. lol

This was exceptional! I laughed so hard at this stupid shit. I love you man. You've got some solid humor, and you did a superb job with this rupee.

Don't even get me started on the voice acting. It was better than the actual voices!

Samination responds:

Aw thanks dude. :)