Reviews for "Zelda CD-i: King's Bday"

oh, man, this was great. i was laughing along with the characters at that last part XD

Samination responds:

DId you get hit with a frying pan?

Cdi parodies may be going out of style but this breathes new life into the genre

I have to say this was a great looking parody considering it copies the original animation frame by frame. Sure the voices may not be perfect butt hey it's cool. The movie itself is a wacky premise with the king trying to kill a fly on his birthday. All in all I like it and I hope you continue to make more of these.Â

Samination responds:

I know what you mean. I actually wrote this a year ago and wanted to make it then!

I am just speechless of this parody you made.
Just take my ratings!!
I laughed so hard at Ganon's line honestly, "You will die!!.. when you see what I got you!"
I would kiss you right now if I could.

Samination responds:

NOMNOMNOMNOM your ratings were delicious. :)

Why does everyone keep saying this is a youtube poop? It's a parody. Have people forgotten what those are?

Anyway, I thought you did a great job recapturing the awkward animation style of the cutscenes from the game, and I thought the jokes were great (aside from the innuendo, which I've never really seen as funny). I'd love to see more parodies like this from you, so long as they stay clean. I'm also a bit curious as to how got that rough pixelated outline effect for the characters. Is that something you do in adobe aftereffects?

Samination responds:

I consider a poop to be slicing the original source material together, but this is something new and built from the ground up. However, all people know of these cartoons are the poops, so it is understandable. To get the low res look, I added a mosaic filter to the swf in premiere. Glad you enjoyed it!