Reviews for "Pico Radio"

this is kinda cool...
remind me of pip boy...

deathink responds:

i want ta pipboy

Poundcake is da shit !!! >:D

So let me get this straight...

It's a little Gadget that updates on a regular basis and show all sorts of movies,songs,art, and all kinds of cool shit whether it's new or old?

That being said I dig this idea a lot. While the idea has been done before I like how you put your spin on it. And yup I really like this thing a lot!

deathink responds:

Thanks man, a lot of work went in to this.

5 stars for awesome idea and even better choice of music. I just prefer more jazzy stuff and metal. And shuffle button. And popcorn.

deathink responds:

mmmm popcorn, maybe someday... but the shuffle button may come soon.

cool except for the medal where u have to be here in October 31st...
like wtf was that about?

deathink responds:

Thanks man. Well there are special messages and themes on holidays, that is if you didn't see them then, you will never get a chance to see them :(