Reviews for "Pico Radio"

Wow :0

Pretty sure there's a yearly off-by-one bug on at least the Happy Clock Day and Trick Or Treat medals. How they're supposed to unlock -- Happy Clock Day on Aug 15 and Trick Or Treat on Oct 31. Let's call this ProperDay

How they actually unlock (I think) -- ProperDay + (CurrentYear - 2012) Days.
So since it's 2017, I will have to try Aug 15 + (2017 - 2012) Days, or Aug 15 + 5 Days, or that is on Aug 20 and see if it unlocks then.

To be on the smart side it's probably worth trying once a day every day, from ProperDay to whatever the error adjusted day would be.

really good way to bring credit to the author of these catchy tunes

Cool little gadget!

How to listen to the audio portal faster