Reviews for "Pico Radio"


*listing to danpaladin - i like your hat* is this... C&H?

Nice Radio & The Songs Are Cool

This was really awesome at the time of its release... however; I feel it has not entirely aged well. I notice that when shuffling or trying to play new audio, it does not seem to play any audio or show any art that was made after November 2012 which is sad. :(

Otherwise, it is a neat gadget. Just kind of wish it was able to be fixed to play newer stuff and show newer art.

Oh. My. God. The music is fantastic, the art is pleasing to the eye, and I can just browse newgrounds through another tab with this on. Only two complaints. One: I think you should be able to set a filter by genre. Two: Pico takes too much time "painting" the slideshow. So long, another slide rolls before the art is loaded yet. Other than me being nitpicky, this is amazing. Props to everyone involved.

deathink responds:

thanks man. unfortunately the slideshow is broken because of a sight update. :(