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Reviews for "Adventures of Dr. Lawyer"

I say sir! The cloudcuckoolander humor fits the style of the narrative so well; you combine verbal jokes with physical gags that are as fast paced as they are hilarious. There are a lot of very implicit bits that take attention to notice and add to the ability to want to watch it a second time. smart, fast, and with a lot of improvement hoss. For the most part the plot does not suffer from the style you execute with how you tell the story, but there are some parts that could be clearer, though this can add also to the re-watch-ability (tm) of it. lip-sync does get off at times (but I can say safely that I screw that up just as much) and sometimes I feel character design is either a little inconsistent or lacking (which will happen when making a cartoon with such a wide cast of characters), which takes away from the charm of your aesthetic. I want more, god damn you, more.

I really enjoy the humor of the video. I also appreciate the voice for Dr. Lawyer.

What the fork did I just watch?

This is so funny! You have a bright future my friend!

This was awesome, I literally laughed the entire way through, the oddball spazziness of it is just amazing. The sound did detract from it a little bit but not many of these videos on here make me laugh like this one so that makes up for it :D keep up the good work mate/ ,,!/(^.^)\!,,