Reviews for "Lunar Legend: Part 1"

AWESOME! Good luck with the rest and please take your time.

NessSuccess responds:

Thank you very much, I will.

Man talk about a flashback. As soon as the movie started to play I expected Nall to come flying up yelling Alex's name. I was suprised to see how much of that game I actually remembered when I played it years ago. It was truly a delight to watch and reminisce. Nice work.

NessSuccess responds:

Another review from a fan of the game! This is great! I'm glad that my flash is serving its purpose and giving you a sense of nostalgia. You probably remember it better than you think, the story is slightly different in my flash. (it goes more towards the story of Lunar Legend, the GameBoy Advance version, it's the same thing for the most part though). I'm glad you liked it, and please enjoy future parts.

I have to say, this is one of the more interesting animations that I have watched, please continue with them, I enjoy this part and I hope you make more!

NessSuccess responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, i'll definitely be making more. Thank you for the review!

10 for Tribute: This was something long overdue. Though I don't know if it will be frowned upon using the direct voices and musics of the actual game. I like this. You did a good job on the sprites. But I see some having a problem with this. I hope you continue right up to when Hiro finds Lucia.

9 for Sprites: Just an overall top job on the sprites. Though the slow movement tends to be annoying. I think a pretty good job for the most part.

7 Story. Nash didn't go to the White Dragon Cave. :) But hey, change the story a little, why not. I still like this tribute to an all time Great RPG.

10 For being able to choose the name. Didn't expect that. Hahahah :)

Only RPG that rises above this is Grandia. The story of Justin and Fina will always over shadow Alex/Luna or Hiro/Lucia. But still. Great Job on this. Hope you make more.


NessSuccess responds:

I'm glad I got a review from a fan, just like me. You're right about the story being slightly different from the original story. In Silver Star Story Complete, they meet Nash in front of the old hags house, but in the GBA version what happens is what happened in my flash. Aside from that I will be changing the story here and there for obvious reasons like time consumption. (For example, i shortened their journey through the weird woods into that one fight scene). And i'm glad you liked the option to choose Quark's name! I plan on making the future parts more interactive. I'm glad you liked the animation for the most part, and I understand what you mean by slow movement, i'll try to work on that in the next one. I've never played Grandia, it must be pretty good to top Lunar! I appreciate this review. being from a fan of the series, so thank you!

Nicely done for a sprite animation.