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Reviews for "King's Game"

Very fun little game and looking forward to the next batch of levels. Have you thought of pvp with this game? Each person getting the same units/ items to build with they each set up and hit ready then try to destroy the other. I think that would be a fun addition if you ever got had the time to mess with it.

Only bug I really saw was when the game was loading a new level some of the units would die when they fell over or hit the ground. I just reloaded and they did not die a second time in most cases. Then the other thing is with the turns sometimes the castle was falling still and the other king takes a turn and kills my units before the top tower piece or something falls on his last guy from the first shot.

The game was fairly easy but I saw that on a good amount of early levels and some later ones that if you did not destroy the other castle with the first shot the other kings cannon just manages to one shot you each time.

5/5 Fun little game that any age would enjoy easy controls fun graphics and voices and nice comic book like intros. Looking forward to the next batch of levels and hopefully some fun pvp in the future. Thanks for posting =D

Smokoko responds:

thx for your large feedback

Well, Great Games!!! Fun Old King Cool


hahah ^^ the game itself is really cute, expecially that voice acting, I couldnt help but giggle by the king's "sarcastic" laughing (he-he-he-he-heeee) when we win xD