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Reviews for "King's Game"

Great game, love the cute voices you did.

ps. angry birds copied crush the castle game.

very nice version of a already popular style of gameplay. good lighting/color, good sounds. only things is like what is already said, maybe allow a way for enemies to wait til tiles any stuff are done collapsing or rocking. otherwise, very solid game.

Improve the quality of the gfx (the quality, not the gfx themselves) and you just wiped Angry Birds off the map. Loved it. The sfx are pure win, and the "fighting back" factor makes the game all the more fun than some pigs that just sit there waiting. The only thing that keeps me off the 5th star is the quality of the lines and gfx. But, splendid work!

I have to say that its not an orignal idea but it is really Fun! i like how its not to easy but not too hard its perfect. It can get repetitive though but im only on the first part but i love it!

cool game like angry birds but short