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Reviews for "King's Game"

LOVE these artillery games. The laughing/ sn****rs at the end of each level is GREAT! Level/ power-up advancement is right on track, only thing that kept me from giving it a five is sometimes the enemy will fire back before the debris stops moving. Had one level where I won after they fired back because a wall crushed the last enemy just after they fired.

I might finish it later I was almost done with prisoners to save and the game glitched on the load cloak flourish page it stuck and i had to reload which means all my data was lost... yea so maybe some other time.

I thought this was a really nice and cool game. I think the strongest point it had was how well everything just flowed together. I was having some trouble with the level that had the guys all standing on one row. I then realized I had to click my weapon again in order for it to form more cannonballs to destroy the enemy. The funny thing is how everything in this has such high spirits. It's a very pleasant game even though it has people being blown up by cannonballs.

The graphics are nice too. Some games like this can come off as a bit too cutesy sometimes. This succeeded very well in managing to apeal to different ages. I just love how colorful everything is. Yeah, I should have realized the first levels were just that easy.

Medals not working =\

At first I was going to say "hey, have Angry Birds with medieval theme", but then, I realized there is a lot more into it, wich took the bad first impression away. The simple fact that you can lose the game by having all your warriors getting killed is a great challenging idea, having you rush to defeat your enemies not only to win stars but to guarantee you will wreck him before he does it to you! Not to mention the levels in wich you have different requirements to win. Good job.