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Reviews for "King's Game"

This game is So much better then Angry Birds. Great job you need to make this as an app for my Phone :-)

While the cpu being able to shoot back if I don't wipe out all of the enemies on my turn adds a certain challenge, it shouldn't be able to wipe out my castle in one shot (if it hits the right spot) on levels where I clearly need to fire multiple times to take out all of the enemies because of how some are sheltered (like level 2-10). That's just unfair.

Also, the way you zoom in & out with the scroll wheel of the mouse felt really awkward since it also scrolled the page up and down. Good game, but could be better.

deathguy10 wrote: "level 10 in save the prisoners is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i give a 2.5 star"
Well, did you ever tried to push the retry button some times?... It gets hard but sure not impossible! But better that it gets hard to the end than having it easy the whole game...

And to every 'Angry Birds' related posts... Angry Bird isn't the first game with this kind of original gameplay, you know... So please stop crying about this game being a clone or rip off ;p

A nice game overall and your sounds are really funny, but it wasn't one of those awesome games you have in mind like forever.

Well, Great Games!!! Fun Old King Cool

well the victory sound is just amazing =D made me giggle ... even losing was funny =P love the game if i might add