Reviews for "Fleur"

Really nice animation.

I like the story and the drawing style its original and fresh !
only thing you could improve on is the use of double frames and easing but that is really it.

I like the way you have put a cute fun perspective on a real life controversial issue, almoast as if you are seeing problems with the oil market and the environment through the eyes of the girl. Nice!
Also the smooth animation and use of colours where pleasing to the eye.
Overall a good entry. Better than mine.

It was meh. The story was pretty good and had some potential for expanding, though I realize that you had a deadline so for what it was it was pretty good. I still wish that it ended differently though, maybe with the daughter running back to the planet to protect the flower? I don't know, something different than just showing that they're family.

The animation was alright, it was kind of stiff and/or realistic at times but overall pretty good. I like your art style, though your lines were a little rough in some scenes.

My last little gripe would be the music, I feel like it wasn't entirely fitting. Maybe you should have looked for a song that kind of transitions from happy to sad, because it felt wrong hearing happy-go-lucky electro in the background when the robots came and sucked out the oil, and when the daughter came back to the father crying.

It was pretty good, but nothing special. : /

5, 4 music
4, 4 story
i whant see the 2 part

Overall, it was good. However the ending felt rushed. I understand that animation and drawing takes time, however you should always strive for quality when it comes to anything. The rest of it was lovely, and somewhat sad, however the ending really needs some work.